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Alaiedon Township | Ingham County | 48854

Stillwater Grill:

Definitely one of our favorite places to dine and drink in the nearby Okemos area alongside Alaiedon. We have enjoyed the filet mignon here so many times over the years, and even the simpler things like the potato skins are just too good to be believed. The prices are a bit high, but we'd vouch for the fact that every single dish is worth the premium cost. There's plenty of room here for groups, making it perfect for party bus trips. The full bar makes it the right choice for nights out with friends too. Find it at 3544 Meridian Crossings in nearby Okemos.

Sheshiang Garden:

A real highlight in nearby Okemos when it comes to Chinese food. There's more room here than you'll find at most Chinese restaurants, making it an oft-recommended spot for party bus travelers. The service can feel a little bit slow here, but it's great for relaxed outings, and the food always arrives hot and fresh even if it seems to take a little longer than necessary. Wonderful pork tenderloin here as well as all the classic chicken, beef, and seafood dishes that you're used to. Hibachi tables, traditional dining, and tatami rooms too. Found at 3536 Meridian Crossings in Okemos.

Cancun Mexican Grill:

When craving Mexican food in nearby Okemos, this is your spot. Moderate prices, great for groups, and even wonderful for quick take-out or dining in with a full bar. The portions are enormous, and the chips and salsa are very good here too. The Speedy Gonzales lunch special is a big hit with everyone that we know. Both affordable and filling. We love the chicken enchiladas too, and the guacamole is delish. You'll be able to find this sensational little Mexican restuarant at 2398 Jolly Rd in nearby Okemos. A true winner in every sense of the word!

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar:

Applebee's in general can be a bit hit or miss as far as we're concerned, just depending on the location. We're happy to say that this one in nearby Okemos is fantastic. We love to come in to enjoy their wonderful entrees, but we're also enormous fans of their full bar and their low drink prices. Any restaurant that puts in this much effort to please its customers deserves high praise, and that's what we're giving it here. Wonderful service, great atmosphere. You'll be able to find this Applebee's location at 2284 Woodlake Dr in nearby Okemos.

Woody's Oasis:

This has always been a reliable place to get wonderful Mediterranean food in this area, and we are pleased to be able to recommend it to you here. The prices are pretty low, and we love the laid back atmosphere with the TV and the friendly staff. The spicy chicken shwarma sandwich is our favorite thing to eat here, and we always get a hearty order of hommous because it's some of the best that we have ever tasted here. The fattoush is also superb, and how about the mujaradra? Too good. Find Woody's Oasis at 2398 Jolly Rd in nearby Okemos.

Frank's Press Box East:

If you are seeking a great place to get your drink on and also enjoy some really good food, this is your go-to spot. You simply cannot beat the prices here – these just may be the lowest cost options on this whole list! And they accept credit cards too, which is a plus for most of us. Lots of room for groups and a full bar, plus plenty of televisions of course so that you won't miss a moment of the game no matter where you are in the bar! Great Buffalo chicken salad here too, don't miss it! Find Frank's at 2314 Woodlake Dr in nearby Okemos.

Gilbert & Blakes:

We are always in search of good steakhouses in Michigan, because we can't get enough of a perfectly cooked steak and even some amazing seafood. Gilbert & Blake's is definitely one that you'll find at the top of the charts, so to speak, every single time. The style of dress is definitely what we'd call upscale classy, yet the prices are quite affordable for being a high quality steakhouse. We adore their lobster grilled cheese, and it pairs so well with a hearty serving of their tomato soup. Find Gilbert & Blake's at 3554 Okemos Rd in nearby Okemos!

Big Boy:

Always a classic choice in Michigan, isn't it? It seems like so many get-togethers with friends begin or end at these restaurants, and lucky for you, there are many locations spread throughout the state. This one in nearby Mason is quite noteworthy, because the staff is one in a million, and they keep your coffee topped off and piping hot just the way it should be. Delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options here, and just an overall pleasant vibe that we always enjoy. This Big Boy location is conveniently placed at 660 N Cedar St. Couldn't be better!

Pizza Alforno:

How many times have you heard Pizza Alforno recommended to you in recent years? If you have somehow managed to resist visiting this place, it's about time that you check it out. They've got the best crust around as far as we are concerned, and that delicious zesty sauce and melty cheese just set off the flavors that mingle in their sensational dough. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the atmosphere is so clean and cozy here, and it's also wonderful that the staff is so caring and nice. Find Pizza Alforno at 1943 Cedar St in nearby Holt! Just a quick trip from Alaiedon, and so worth it!

Leo's Lodge:

This rustic spot definitely lives up to its name, with moose heads hanging on the walls and plenty of woodsy vibes so you can get your hunting trip fix without having to travel too far! Of course there's a full bar here, so you can really enjoy throwing back some drinks with your friends, but the big draw as far as we are concerned is those huge juicy burgers. Wow. The venison burger is a real standout item, and you can't go wrong with the patty melt either. How about those sandwiches and pizza too? You can find Leo's at 2525 E Jolly Rd in nearby Lansing!

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