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Antrim Township Limo and Party Bus Bars & Eateries

Antrim Township | Shiawassee County | 48857

Nick's Hometown Grill:

This one is definitely worth checking out when you're cruising through the Antrim Township area with Lansing Limos in the days to come. It's very homey and comfortable here, with a great salad bar that is absolutely overflowing with fresh items and toppings. You can make yourself a really fantastic salad or just grab some pasta salad or even pudding. Delish and old school! The surf and turf, though, is what has stolen our hearts and tastebuds here. We just can't resist it. The staff is unbelievably friendly and welcoming, really making you want to come back time and time again for that great service. Find this one at 102 North Saginaw Street in nearby Durand.

Diane's Country Kitchen:

When it comes to breakfast and brunch spots in the Antrim Township area, Diane's Country Kitchen is definitely one of the top spots according to our Lansing Limos customers. They request this one on a very regular basis! This is another one that's got a great salad bar and it's definitely worth checking out based on that alone. The ambiance, some say, is nothing to write home about, but we love the fact that it's simple and no-frills here and that they keep their attention on serving excellent food. Sometimes that's really all that you need. That and great service, and they've certainly got it! You can find this one at 329 Main Street in nearby Morrice.

Bloated Goat Saloon:

Have you had a chance to check out Bloated Goat Saloon in the Antrim Township area yet? If not, why not add it to your Lansing Limos itinerary for your upcoming trip? This is one of those dim, dark, old fashioned small town types of bars that might be put into the retro dive bar category. If that sounds good to you, then this one is worth a visit! They are known for having great burgers and a simple low key ambiance that is tough to find elsewhere in this area. You won't be bored here as there's a great jukebox and a pool table too. This is a definite classic and you'll be missing out if you don't check it out! Find it at 141 East Grand River in nearby Fowlerville.

Iron Horse Pub of Durand:

Sometimes you just need an excellent pub but you don't know where to find one. Well, if your current travels with Lansing Limos have brought you to the Antrim Township area, then Iron Horse Pub of Durand is a nearby spot that we think you'll really love checking out. They've got a huge array of yummy things to choose from here, with our top faves being the prime rib and of course their wonderful breakfasts! They've also got nice buffets that help you to save money during your party bus trip. Definitely a plus. More than enough room for groups here and they've got really great service that makes you feel at home. At 104 North Saginaw Street in Durand.

Tavern 109:

A great small town tavern that is located nearby to Antrim Township in the nearby Williamston area is Tavern 109. Lansing Limos customers really seem to have a lot of love for this place. They've told us that the ambiance is wonderful and that the service is on par with that too. They've got an amazing pear pizza here that you'll love pairing with an ice cold beer. If you're a barbecue lover, you will be slobbering over their amazing pulled pork! And how about those Buffalo chicken sliders? Oh, my. The chicken and waffles are also an awesome choice any time of day. Try the fish and chips too, made with delicious whitefish. Located at 115 East Grand River Avenue in nearby Williamston.

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