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Aurelius Township Limo and Party Bus Bars & Eateries

Aurelius Township | Ingham County | 48442

The English Inn, Restaurant, & Pub:

We've had the pleasure of taking many of our customers to The English Inn, Restaurant, & Pub many times over the last several years, and we have only heard good things from them regarding it. In addition, we have dined there ourselves many times and have always been treated to a truly exceptional experience. The tudor style decor here is just amazing, and wait until you lay eyes on their beautiful landscape work. Perfect for wedding receptions! You'll be able to find this elegant establishment at 677 S Michigan Rd in nearby Eaton Rapids. Don't miss it.

Big Boy:

The popularity of Big Boy, even after all these years, is such a testament to the fact that we Michiganders love our classics! The service at this particular location is just as good as it was back in the day, and the menu is still filled with all those classic choices that you love. If by some chance you have forgotten how great Big Boys can be, we highly suggest stopping in with all your party bus guests when you find yourself traveling in this area. Find this particular location at 660 N Cedar St in nearby Mason. We know you will love it here just as much as we always have.

The Vault Deli:

This has always been an exciting option in this area, made even more fun by its location in authentic old bank building! You have got to love that. Not only are their deli sandwiches amazing and worth even a long trip, but they also have a wine ship in the vault itself, and that alone would be a big draw for us. Why not stock up on a selection of fine wines for your party bus trip? Who says you have to do your shopping in advance? Just head out here with your friends and choose the bottles that you love the best to bring on board. At 368 S Jefferson St in nearby Mason.

Darb's Tavern & Eatery:

Without a doubt one of the best bars in Michigan. We're always super comfortable here, and they have such a great variety of delicious food that you could come here every day and never tire of it. They've got outdoor seating so you can enjoy catching a breeze in the summertime, and when it cools off again you can head inside and take advantage of their free Wi-Fi. There are plenty of flatscreens around so you can catch the big game, and the prices are very affordable here to boot. Try a Reuben and an ice cold beer. At 117 S Cedar St in nearby Mason.

Mason Depot Diner:

When you are looking for a place that's quaint and quiet to relax, this is your best bet in this area. Get a load of those prices – you won't believe that you can eat this well on so few dollars. Note that the prices are crazy low here, but they do not accept credit cards, so bring some cash with you. It's a family-friendly vibe here, with no alcohol served and just all your favorite delicious homemade dishes. We love the homemade mushroom quiche the best, and the homemade roast beef hash omelet is too good to be believed. Find it at 111 Mason St in nearby Mason.

Imperial Garden:

This is the best place to go for some cheap yet delicious Chinese food in the nearby area. It's the Michigan style classic Chinese fare that you've always loved, in a very convenient location, at a price that anybody can afford. You will be shocked that you can enjoy their buffet for less than six dollars – we can't think of another buffet anywhere that you can enjoy for that price! Free refills on your pop too. Now that's a great bonus. You will be able to find the incredible Imperial Garden at 147 W Maple St right here in nearby Mason. Highly recommended, don't skip this spot!


Not expecting to see a fast food restaurant on this list? Why not? Subway, as they say, is the best way to eat fresh AND fast at the same time. It's definitely a mad rush to get into this place during the lunch hour, so we'd recommend skipping that and instead opting for the off-peak times of day here! You'll love the super friendly staff that goes out of their way to craft the submarine sandwiches exactly the way you like them. Very clean environment here, and a pleasant place to grab a bite. You will be able to find this Subway at 620 N Cedar St in nearby Mason. Love it!

Baja Grille:

This is such an affordable place to grab some grub in nearby Mason! Everybody seems to go wild for the hamburgers here, which are perfectly cooked to order and so juicy and delicious. Of course, with a name like Baja Grille, you've got to try their Mexican offerings... it's sort of Tex-Mex Americanized style here, but we love it anyway. The fact that this is attached to Kean's means that you will be able to walk around and shop and play some games while you're waiting for your food too, which of course is great for the kids as well. Located at 402 S Jefferson St in nearby Mason!


Super cozy bar and grill located on Main Street between East Bellevue Street and Mill Street in nearby Leslie. It's a totally family friendly place to dine in the daytime, and we love the huge selection of bar food as well as all the beers that they've got on draft. The people who work here are incredibly friendly – they welcome you with open arms and help you to make your night memorable and special. That kind of friendly welcome makes all the difference as far as we're concerned. You'll be able to find Crossroads at 154 S Main St in nearby Leslie! Highly recommended!

Hungry Howie's:

When craving a delicious pizza in the nearby Mason area, who can you rely on? Hungry Howie's. It's perfect for grabbing a few pies to bring on the party bus, and of course the price is right at this location too. We've been coming here for years, and that's why we recommend it so highly to all of our customers when they ask about great pizza when on an Aurelius party bus trip! We suggest opting for their free flavored crusts, and why not indulge in some cheese bread or maybe breadsticks along with your order? So good. Find this one at 222 N Cedar St in nearby Mason.

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