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Wrought Iron Grill:

Many have said that they think Wrought Iron Grill is the very best restaurant in the Bennington area and beyond, and we would have a very difficult time disagreeing with that! Our Lansing Limos travelers love indulging in all the delicious delights that are to be had here, including their complementary bread with dipping oil, their incredible flatbread specials, and their wonderful array of sandwiches and salads that make the ideal lunch. If you're a fan of wedge salads, you'll go crazy fo the one here! There's a full bar here for your enjoyment and even televisions for the sports lovers. You'll even enjoy the outdoor seating in those beautiful warm breezy summer months. Find this one at 317 Elm Street in nearby Owosso.

Roma's Back Door:

This is one of the best places that you could ever choose to eat pizza in the Bennington area and we think you'd do very well to stop in here any time you're craving a good meal! They've got an awesome salad bar here that is just loaded with so many fresh ingredients. Their wine selection is nicely chosen and it goes so well with their pasta dishes, such as the chicken linguine. The pizza here is the best, especially the deep dish Chicago style! We love how accommodating the service is here at Roma's, and we our guests always love that there's never a hint of trouble handling even the biggest party bus or limousine groups. There's outdoor seating to enjoy in the warmer months and TVs for sports inside! Find this one over in Owosso at 200 East Comstock Street.

Celia's Corner Cafe (CLOSED):

For a low key barbecue experience you can't do better than Celia's! This is a cool little corner cafe with fair prices on food and drink and very kind servers who really make you feel right at home. Breakfast is absolutely irresistible here, so if you're out early in the day with Lansing Limos, why not check it out? The diner vibe is wonderful and there are TVs too in case you want to keep an eye on the game or on the headlines of the day. They have a wonderful soup and salad bar that is worth a walk up too! Free Wi-Fi is a bonus too, just in case you need to get a little work done on-the-go. Find this one at 437 West Stewart Street in nearby Owosso!

Rainbow Bar:

This is a famous and infamous dive bar in the Bennington area, and no trip out here with Lansing Limos is complete without stopping in for at least a drink or two. They happen to have some of the best burgers in town, including a bacon double cheeseburger deluxe, a full two thirds of a pound, that always gets our attention, and it tastes so darn good with a nice icy cold beer too! And the prices? Incredibly low. Can't beat that. We love the small town feel here and the super friendly folks who work there. Overall, it's just a very relaxing place to drink the stresses of the previous work week away! Find this one at 950 West Main Street in nearby Owosso!

Jumbo's Bar:

On a similar note as the previous mention, Jumbo's Bar is a small town neighborhood type of bar and grill, and you will definitely enjoy this Bennington gem when you're out here with Lansing Limos. They, too, are known for their burgers, and they are equally juicy and delish. There's a nice fresh salad bar here that is worth checking out too. The eclectic and kitschy environment here makes it worth checking out based on that alone. The service always seems to be good and it's a spacious place, jumbo, really, so it's great for large groups! Despite the small town old fashioned-ness of this place, they do accept the plastic form of payment! Yay! Find this one at 200 S Washington in Owosso.

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