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Bunker Hill Township Limo and Party Bus Bars & Eateries

Bunker Hill Township | Ingham County | 48819

Klavon's Pizzeria & Pub:

Possibly our very favorite place to dine in the Bunker Hill Township area is Klavon's Pizzeria & Pub. We just love the cool laid back atmosphere that they have worked so hard to cultivate here. The Chicago style pizza and sandwiches are truly the best in town, and we love to hang out there in the evenings listening to the jukebox and maybe watching a good game on TV if there's one. It's family friendly and yet cool for date nights too, kind of a mixture of ages and demographics here. Not a huge drink selection and a little pricey for the area, but still totally worth it. Find Klavon's at 6010 Clinton Rd in nearby Jackson.

Big Boy:

We always recommend Big Boy to our party bus customers because it's such a fun and low key place to stop in after a night of drinking and dancing and riding around on the bus. There's always plenty of room for your guests there, and since they serve so many different types of American food here, there's something for everybody. Our favorite is the classic Big Boy, and we really love the Slim Jim too. The soup, salad, and fruit bar is of course a hit with the health-conscious, and the breakfasts here are a hit with everyone! This great location can be found at 660 N Cedar St in nearby Mason!

The Vault Deli:

That cool deli that's located in an old bank... that's this place! If you haven't heard of it, or if you have but haven't visited yet, it's totally time for you to head on over there and check it out. We can't get enough of that old school atmosphere, and the fact that their wine shop is located within the old vault itself just makes it even cooler. The vault door is the coolest thing in the place as far as we are concerned. We always get a kick out of showing it to our friends, and our customers seem to get a kick out of it too. Find this classic spot at 368 S Jefferson St in nearby Mason!

Darb's Tavern & Eatery:

Why do we love Darb's? Well, they had us at "Tavern & Eatery!" Our two favorite words. There's nothing better than relaxing with an ice cold beer or a scotch on the rocks alongside a really delicious and soul-warming meal. They've got a huge menu of favorites here for you to enjoy, all those classic American choices that you expect to find at any good bar. The folks who work here really have so much charm and class, and really do their best to make all the patrons feel right at home. You can find Darb's at 117 S Cedar St right in nearby Mason!

Mason Depot Diner:

Another excellent place that's tucked away in nearby Mason, the Mason Depot Diner is just so relaxed and cool. It's got an old fashioned atmosphere (think Cracker Barrel but more authentic), and the prices are bottom of the barrel low! Wow. They don't accept credit cards here, so a quick stop at the ATM is in order. Family friendly and very casual, this is just perfect for a quick lunch when you are traveling on our Bunker Hill Township party bus. Try the hamburgers, they're the best – and the quiche is also noteworthy. Find it at 111 Mason St in nearby Mason.


Just a cozy little dive bar located on Main St in nearby Leslie, we couldn't resist recommending it here because we have always received such good service there. There's nothing fancy going on here – no frills, no fuss. Just a really cool little bar with all your favorite bar fare (namely burgers!), and of course a noteworthy selection of draft beers. The staff has always been super nice to us, chatting it up when we've come in alone and lonely, and taking care of us and all our friends when we've come in a group. You will be able to find the one and only Crossroads at 154 S Main St in nearby Leslie!

Imperial Garden:

Cheap Chinese food at its very best! If you love a good Chinese buffet, take a look at this place, because you can grab lunch here for under six bucks! Now where else besides a fast food joint are you going to find those kinds of low prices? Nowhere, that's where! They've got free refills on their pop too, so if you love to slurp down an icy Coke with your meal, you are good to go at this restaurant. When seeking that classic style of Michigan Chinese food that many of us grew up with here in the Flint area, you've got to check out Imperial Garden at 147 W Maple St in nearby Mason!


We've got to throw in a quick recommendation for Subway, because it's one of the most often requested destinations when our customers are on our party buses. Why? Because it's affordable (five dollar foot long subs, anybody?), it's healthy (tons of veggies and a good selection of healthy proteins), and also indulgent if you'd rather take that route (despite the hype, you can totally put together a monstrous mound of calories here if you prefer!). We are fans of all of their subs, from the healthiest veggie delite to the calorie-packed Italian B.M.T. Find this Subway at 620 N Cedar St in nearby Mason.

Baja Grille:

Despite the fact that this is clearly a Mexican place, they also happen to have some of the very best hamburgers in town! That makes it an excellent stop for your limo bus trips, because there is something for everybody. It never fails that in a bus full of Mexican food lovers, there will be one who can't stand it! Baja Grille is your answer. You can get your fix of yummy burritos and enchiladas, and your Mexican food hating friends can nosh on their sensational burgers. Everybody's happy, and gets to dine in one place without bickering! Gotta love it. Find Baja Grille at 402 S Jefferson St in nearby Mason!


One more quick fast food recommendation, just because we get so many requests from our customers for Wendy's when we're in this area. This Wendy's is super clean and the people who work there are always very friendly. They've got the best fresh salads of all the fast food restaurants in the area, and their hamburgers are known for being a cut above the rest when it comes to flavor. Whether you want a single, a double, or a triple, they've got you covered here! And don't forget to add on a nice icy cold Frosty while you're there. You can find this Wendy's at 439 N Cedar Rd in nearby Mason.

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