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Waterside Restaurant

If you like big portions and food that tastes like Mama used to make it, you need to stop by 107 Spring Arbor Road. You don't go here for an amazing d├ęcor or phenomenal atmosphere, you go because you want homemade cooking with friendly service. Everyone here is friendly, even the patrons. No matter what you choose on the menu, you really can;t make a bad choice. And the desserts are not only worthy of mention, they are worthy of devouring over and over again.

The Concord Cafe

At the Concord Cafe, your experience starts with coffee. And we mean really good strong coffee. And the staff makes sure that it keeps coming as long as you keep drinking. But we don't want you to think that coffee is all this place is about. The breakfasts will knock you out. Any breakfast food you can think of is offered at122 North Main Street. The atmosphere is homey and very inviting. And you will feel like a local here even if you aren't.

M-60 Grill

You don't have to go to 13350 M-60 West for breakfast, but if you don't you are really missing out. They have a huge breakfast menu with some great specials. If its not breakfast time, you can't go wrong with dinner either. They specialize in steak: sirloin, cube, ground beef, ham, and country fried. The M-60 pub special and the M-60 Super Club will provide enough food for you to have an extra meal or two. And its all served with a smile so go as soon as you can for an awesome meal and some good vibes.

Cadet Tavern

This is the place you want to be if you want to experience the best food at the lowest prices. The specialize in pizza, chicken strips, wings subs. You will be in and out in not time so it is very convenient. But the thing that you will love the most about this place is that they do not skimp on their ingredients like a lot of places do. The staff is super friendly and the prices are very reasonable. So visit 115 North Main Street soon and taste the difference in real pizza.

The Hanger Lounge Inc.

This is not just a place to drink, it actually has really good food. The food is tasty, well prepared and served is good sized portions. The waitstaff is really helpful and attentive to your needs. They don't mind answering any questions you might have. On the drink side, they have awesome special and they have a happy hour that you have to experience. It is not a whole lot to look at, but once you experience the food and drink at 11000 Spring Arbor Road, you won't care as much about that.

Silver Spoon Cafe

The breakfasts that are served at 122 North Main Street will keep you coming back again and again. Their omelets are better than any will ever try. Combine this with the comfort food they serve in terms of homemade baked goods and you have a keeper. It is a family run business and the owner is always around making sure everything is going well and that the patrons are being treated like they should be. This is definitely not a chain, but better. Give it a shot and judge for yourself.

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