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Harrison Roadhouse:

The beer selection is the first thing that comes to mind when the staff here at Lansing Limos think about Harrison Roadhouse in East Lansing! They really have an impressive one, with lots of your favorites and some more exciting ones that you may have never tried before. The atmosphere here is just so friendly and inviting. The food that they're known for includes a lot of bar favorites as well as some Italian style dinners, delicious white chicken chili, and of course the fish and chips that we simply cannot resist. You will be able to find this winner of a bar and restaurant at 720 Michigan Avenue!

Dublin Square Irish Pub:

A list of recommended venues for your Lansing Limos parties would not be complete without a supreme Irish pub, and Dublin Square Irish Pub is certainly a highlight for this area. They've got one of the best beer selections in the entire area and we're in love with all of their appetizers, including baked brie that will bring a tear to your eyes! So good! The live music is really excellent here and we absolutely love rocking out to that while we enjoy their daily specials and happy hour prices. You'll be able to find Dublin Square Irish Pub at 327 Abbot Road right here in East Lansing!


Beyond a classic at this point, Crunchy's is one of those go-to hamburger joints that Lansing Limos customers always love to visit when they are in this area with us. They've got all the best burgers, some truly memorable pizza, and even a full bar including a very noteworthy beer selection! You'll love kicking back on their gorgeous patio and enjoying the weather when it's good enough. They've got special deals every day and half off Sundays that are really worth your while! You'll be able to find Crunchy's at 254 West Grand River Avenue right here in East Lansing!

Peanut Barrel:

Featured on ESPN! When you're tired of dealing with the peanut gallery, why not head out to the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing with Lansing Limos? They're perhaps best known for their juicy and generously sized hamburgers, and we are personally huge fans of their olive burger. The Long Island iced tea is also something that they're known for here, and that's the special on Wednesdays. Their outdoor patio has got to be the very best in the area. You'll love it! You can find Peanut Barrel at 521 East Grand River Avenue right here in East Lansing, and we'd highly recommend it to you any day!

Beggar's Banquet:

There's something that we really just love about the name Beggar's Banquet! Clearly Lansing Limos customers agree, as they're always visiting this one every chance they get. This is sort of a restaurant and wine bar that also features a full bar and excellent happy hour prices. The best nights to come in are Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and it's just so comfortable and intimate here, yet great for groups. Very nice prices and you'll even enjoy breakfast here! You'll be able to find Beggar's Banquet at 218 Abbot Road right here in East Lansing. One of our highest recommendations!

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