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Williamston | Ingham County | 48895

Szechuan Garden

One of the best authentic Chinese establishments in the entire state of Michigan. Take our word for it, order the General Zhao Chicken at 154 West Grand River Avenue and let yourself be blown away. The portions are huge so plan on taking enough home for another meal later. We cannot stress enough that this is quality and along with quality, it is a great value because the prices are very reasonable. You would never expect to find a gem of a Chinese restaurant like this in a small town, but here it is.

Red Cedar Grill:

If you've not yet had the pleasure of visiting Red Cedar Grill when you're in the Williamston area with Lansing Limos, we hope that you will make an effort to do so during your next outing with us! This is definitely one of our favorite places to dine and drink in this area, with a nice classy vibe that can even be romantic for your more special celebrations with loved ones or your significant other. They have all your classic bar favorites here to eat, and it's all of the absolute highest quality. You'll be treated to such wonderful service here that you'll never want to go anywhere else. Find this one at 150 East Grand River Avenue right here in Williamston!

Gracie's Place:

Gracie's Place is a wonderful bar and diner that really brings you the best of two worlds... that of yummy food and sensational drinks! It's very relaxed and comfortable here, definitely in the casual realm, so you'll feel ready to let the cares of the world fall from your shoulders while you indulge in really impressive meals and libations! We are especially big fans of the delicious sandwiches here, and we just love the elegance with which they plate them alongside tasty fries and crisp pickles. They grill the bread so perfectly too. We could just go on and on about how very much we love this spot! Located at 151 South Putnam Street here in Williamston!

Tavern 109:

If you're a fan of all the great restaurants and bars in Williamston that are located in old historic buildings that have been newly renovated, then you will really enjoy Tavern 109. Lansing Limos customers can never seem to get enough of this place. They're always requesting it when they're out in this area with us, and we understand that, because we go there ourselves in our off hours! It's very comfortable and casual here, yet decorated so beautifully, and it's a really cozy spot to spend your special evenings with friends no matter what you're celebrating. You will be able to find this classic establishment at 115 East Grand River Avenue here in Williamston.

CB's Bucket Bar & Grille:

Looking for a sports bar in the Williamston area for your Lansing Limos trip? CB's Bucket Bar & Grille is an excellent choice. They've got a sensational bar on the premises that you've just got to see to believe. Very impressive. They've got really delicious food and coffee here, including yummy french toast with berries that will really satisfy that morning sweet tooth. The cheesesteaks are fantastic for lunch and the burgers and pizzas are very nice during the dinner hour! The service that you'll receive here is really top notch and you'll especially love watching the game here with all your buddies. Find this one at 132 West Grand River Avenue here in Williamston.

RiverHouse Inn:

This is a really unique one in the Williamston area that Lansing Limos customers just adore. It's actually located in an old house, so that gives it a certain vibe that you simply will not find elsewhere. We'd describe the ambiance as romantic and intimate, just perfect for your special anniversary celebrations with your special someone. There's even an outdoor beer garden here, which is great for everyone, especially those in a party bus full of travelers who just want to soak up some wonderful o

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