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Lansing Birthday Parties

Not another birthday, it can't be. But it is. And while you are normally not into celebrating birthdays, you thought this year might be one in which you would go ahead and celebrate in some way. The Lansing area has some great venues and all you will need in terms of birthday supplies. We suggest that you get together with your best friend and do some brainstorming on what you might do. Is this going to be a milestone birthday? If it is, that will give you a good start on what to do. If it is not a milestone birthday, then ask yourself what you have an overwhelming passion for or interest in. That way you can create a party based on a theme related to that passion or interest. Some examples of popular themes are Mardi Gras, Casino, NASCAR, Golf Outing, and Disco. And if you don't feel like going to all of that trouble, you can always plan a night of bar hopping or maybe a nice restaurant and a night spot. But remember, it is your special day so do something that you will enjoy.

One way we can guarantee that your birthday party will be the best it could possibly be is to rent a limo bus from Lansing Limos for your event. Think about it, do you really want to drive around on your birthday? Do you want to fight the traffic and search for parking? Does anyone else in your group? Part of booking a professional transportation service is being able to leave these problems behind. Also, we realize that you and your group will probably be doing some toasting and drinking a few cold ones. Do you really want to take what should be a beautiful event and ruin it by risking a DUI or an accident because people are drinking and driving. Leave the driving to us. We only hire experienced drivers who are very knowledgeable of the roads in the area that you will be traveling. In addition, once they come on board with us, we train them in the way we want them to operate which means paying attention to every little detail and treating you, the customer, in a very special way. Your driver will pick you and your group up and proceed to each venue you have specified. You will be dropped off right outside the door of each desired venue and picked back up at the door as well. Now, how is that for service and for peace of mind?

Now, while our vehicles are the most popular choice for those 21 up and parties that will be something like the bar hopping adventure we described above, that's not the only type of birthday transportation we specialize in! You may have already ready our page on Sweet Sixteen parties and know that we also offer transport for teenage birthdays. But what many people don't realize is that a party bus is great for a kids' party as well! Your first thought might be to question bus features like dance poles and bar areas, but consider that on many vehicles the dance pole can be removed and those large coolers can chill juice boxes and pop as easily as they chill other drinks! Kids will be awed by the colorful lighting, but you can always turn that feature off and put the kid's favorite movie into the DVD player. If you're planning a big family outing or if your child wanted to invite ever kid in their class on a trip for the movies, then a party bus is a very convenient way to organize that travel!

We hope we have convinced you that a limo bus is just the thing for your birthday party. We know that you have never had a birthday party like you will with one of our vehicles. So, bite the bullet today and call one of our affable customer service agents who will be more than happy to provide you with a quote, give you more details about our services and policies, answer your questions, and help you with reservations. We look forward to receiving your call and servicing your birthday party.

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