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Michigan Sporting Events

It is time for your sports fix and your dream is to bust loose and join a number of your friends on a pilgrimage to your favorite sporting venue and event. One thing you really have going for you is the fact that you are not far from Detroit. Detroit is one of the few places that has all four major sports teams. Fans of Detroit professional sports teams have long been loyal even even in the bad times. Call them diehards or whatever you want to, there is a special bond between the fans of the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, and Pistons and their teams. Whether you are considering Comerica Park, Joe Louis Arena, Ford Field or The Palace, they are all amazing venues and each has a uniqueness that makes watching sports there something very special. Of course you will want to invite many of your best buddies for this journey so mane sure you start working on a list of only people that you like and that you would want to spend a sporting adventure with. If you are more into going to a college event, you are also not that far away from the University of Michigan or Michigan State University. It is really up to you, we will leave that decision up to you, but either way, it is going to be a great event centered around one of your favorite things in the world: sports.

Once you have the event you are going to figured out, you need to consider how you and your group are going to get to your sporting venue. If you are thinking of carpooling, we urge you to think again. Remember, this is supposed to be an event to remember. If you make everybody carpool, there will be much to forget. If you have been to a sporting event in the past and we are sure you have, then you know that a million vehicles are trying to make it to the same venue which creates all kinds of backup and crazy traffic to drive through and fight. Don't make your group experience this, it will make your time much less enjoyable. Also, think about parking for a second. If you have a number of cars going, everyone will have to try their best to find the best parking spaces and to find them within a reasonable distance from each other in order to get the group together once you are all there. And this is a real iffy proposition because you are going to have hundred of other vehicles trying to park at the same time. Add to this the fact that your group is probably going to have a few beers or drinks either at the sporting venue or afterwards.. This means you would either have to ask some of your group to be designated drivers or they would have to risk a DUI or even worse, an accident from drinking and driving. Considering all of these factors, your best option is to book a limo bus from Lansing Limos. By doing this, you won't have to deal with any of the negatives above and instead you and your group can have the sports time of your lives.

The beauty of a limo bus is much more than all of the negatives that it keeps you away from though. It is also about enjoying the many great features we have installed on our vehicles. We already know that the sporting event is going to be a blast. Well, you can also have an awesome time onboard your limo bus. We can assure you that you have never tailgated like this before. The LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and coolers will get everyone in the mood. Once inside, there is no end to the amenities available. You and your group will be blown away by the premium concert quality sound system with 12” sub-woofers and CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. There is a customized hardwood dance floor with dancing pole. How about some granite topped bar areas with built-in coolers of ice. We know you know what to do with those. We thought if you when we installed multiple high definition flat screen televisions with DVD capabilities. And as far as eats, no problem, bring them onboard.

You want to try this experience at least once and judge for yourself. Your buddies will be blown away. It will be the sports experience of a lifetime. Call us today and let's start a conversation and get you and your group on the road.

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