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Prom and Homecoming Dances

Remember when you were at the age when you felt like everything would fall apart if certain things didn't happen or if you couldn't do something your way? Sounds like the life of a teenager. The world is going to end soon, its a matter of life and death, or there is no coming back from this. Sound familiar? It is a tough life being a teenager but we all have to go through it and somehow we make it through. So much of the teenage years are connected to school in one way or another. And this includes some big school dances known as Homecoming and Prom. For some, it is just something to do, for others it has major importance, still for others, it is a rite of passage. Whatever their reasons for going, you, as a good loving parent, want to help as much as you can. You also want to make sure that they end up back in their own bed at the end of the event safe and sound.

The way to make sure that everyone ends up happy when all is said and done is to rent a limo bus form Lansing Limos. Hey, we figure it this way, you don't want your teenager driving themselves because of a bad decision they might make throughout the night. At the same time, your teenager doesn't want to be seen arriving at the Prom or Homecoming in the family minivan driven by their mom or dad. But yet, they want to have fun and you want them to be safe. We realize that your son or daughter is the most prized possession you have and we want to be sure you know that we take safety very seriously. By using our professional mode of transportation, you will be satisfying everyone in every way. It will even be better than they had originally planned because they will get to enjoy the evening with a huge group of their friends. A limo bus was made for group fun and what they means for each individual going is the price won't be as steep as you may have originally thought because it will be split so many ways.They are well trained and will take care of every little detail for your son or daughter and make sure that everyone gets to the dance and any other venue safely. At the end of the night, you know where they will be because you can trust us. And rest assured that no stops will be made at any location that the parents have not preapproved.

Now that you see what a limo bus can do for you, you are probably wondering what it can do for the teenagers. Well, the first thing is all about looks. When the teenagers see a fancy and luxurious limo bus showing up, their minds will be absolutely blown. But what they will love even more is the fact that they will be rolling up to the dance in their very own limo bus. They will be the talk of the dance and the talk of the school. Our party buses are great for all ages, with the TVs and DVD players, great stereos and ability to play your own music via iPod or CD, the comfortable seating, and even the bars are great for keeping pop cold! Some parents are concerned about the dance poles on party buses, but these can often be removed if you so wish. Our services are just the ticket for transporting minors, and we have safety policies in place that will give you definite peace of mind for the night.

What a win-win for everyone. We are happy to provide our service and our vehicles for such events. Give us a call soon so we can start a conversation. This will be one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life. Call us as soon as you know the date of the dance.

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